Pulp Moulding Plant

We offer a series of sophisticated pulp moulding plants, covering a wide range of capabilities and capacities. The state-of-the-art and highly advanced pulp moulding plants at MAS convert waste paper into a wide variety of productive moulded products.

Our range of automatic machines is suitable for efficient production of egg/apple trays, egg cartons, seed pots and other packaging products. These machines are easy to operate, most economical with least down time. Built robust for round the clock operations, 'Maspack' brand of egg tray/apple tray plants are capable of producing up to 4000 trays per hour at production costs that are comparatively the lowest in the world. What makes this possible is the low input value required for Maspack plants. Raw material, labour and power inputs necessary for Maspack is the lowest when compared to any other plants worldwide to make similar amount of output.

The Maspack Paper Pulp Moulding System
Our pulp moulding systems have been manufactured in a more productive way with better quality and uniformity. These systems utilize waste paper to convert them into functional products that are biodegradable and environment friendly. Paper is two-dimensional. Moulded pulp articles are three-dimensional. They can be formed in almost endless variety of shapes and contours. And by varying the raw material and chemical additives, they can be made to absorb liquid or carry it and can be made hard, soft or smooth as per requirement and in different colours too.

The Process
At the first stage, a Fibre Reduction Unit converts the waste paper in water, into pulp. Small quantities of soluble wax and Aluminium sulphate are added here. At the next stage a Moulding machine immerses a forming mould into the pulp. Then by vacuum, water is drawn through the mould to leave a mat of fibres, on the mould's surface.

The drawn water is returned for re-use. The wet moulded product is removed from the forming mould by means of a Transfer Mould. The complete operation is machine controlled and automatic. In the final stage of the process, the wet moulded products are dried in an Electric drier or by Thermic fluid drying under automatic temperature, humidity and cycle time controls.

Export of Automatic Pulp Moulding Plant

At MAS, development / improvement on machinery is a continuous process. Hence, changes in specifications are inevitable and machines can be manufactured as per customer's requirements and configurations.